Fabric Folding Machine Clamp Set by ImStarTrading, Brass Folders for Textiles, Manual Operation

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Watch this video on how to use brass cloth folder for textile industry?

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  • SIMPLE YET EFFECTIVE: The ImStarTrading manual fabric folding machine clamp set utilizes a simple yet innovative patented design that makes folding cloth quick and easy with just hands.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Weighing little and with no bulky machinery, these cloth folding clamps can be easily installed and used anywhere needed, then transported with no hassle.
  • PRECISE FOLDING EVERY TIME: The clamp set helps fold fabric to exact lengths with each use, ensuring uniform and consistent folds that make packaged cloth neat and orderly.
  • LOW COST SOLUTION: As a manual system requiring no electricity or heavy equipment, the clamp set provides an affordable textile folding option that is a fraction of the price of motorized machines.
  • MULTIPLE STYLES: ImStarTrading offers various models and designs of their fabric folding clamps to suit different textile thickness and widths, as well as production needs and budgets.

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100 Folds, 150 Folds

The ImStarTrading brass cloth folding clamp set is an ingenious and affordable solution for textile businesses needing to fold fabric efficiently. Comprised of durable brass clamps, this manual folding machine allows one worker to quickly and precisely fold yards of cloth without creases or uneven edges. The clamp design securely holds multiple layers in place while the integrated measuring guide validates uniform lengths. Lightweight yet sturdy, this folding tool can be easily operated with one hand, keeping the other free for stacking finished stacks of fabric. Requiring no electricity or maintenance, it pays for itself in labor savings compared to bulkier motorized machines. Suitable for any textile operation, this brass clamp set handles everything from linens to denim with precision.

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